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Catamaran Snorkeling Tours, Sunset and Dinner Sails
Catamaran Sailing Snorkeling Frenchmen's Reef St. Thomas USVI Catamaran Sailing Snorkeling Frenchmen's Reef St. Thomas USVI Catamaran Sailing Snorkeling Frenchmen's Reef St. Thomas USVI Catamaran Sailing Snorkeling Frenchmen's Reef St. Thomas USVI Catamaran Sailing Snorkeling Frenchmen's Reef St. Thomas USVI


Q: What happens if it rains?
A: Pop up showers may happen throughout the day on St. Thomas. The forecast changes often and hourly. We monitor the radar closely and in the unlikely event that we need to cancel the tour, we will call the number listed on the reservation, leave a message. Follow up with a text and also send an email if we do not reach you. Safety is our top priority for everyone, followed closely by FUN.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: You may cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the tour for a full refund. No refunds are permitted after that time. You may be able to reschedule if another tour is available, by request. There is a rebooking fee. Please see the cancellation page for more details.

Q: How far is the meeting point from our cruise ship dock?
A: The Marriott Frenchman's Cove is 7-10 minutes from the WICO cruise ship dock and 20-30 minutes from the Crown Bay cruise ship dock.

Q: Where do you depart from?
A: The majority of our tours depart from the Marriott's Frenchman's COVE - the colorful townhomes. Please type “Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove” into your GPS to find us easier. *Note: The Westin Beach Resort & Spa at Frenchman's Reef is scheduled to open first quarter 2023 and we depart from the Marriott’s Frenchman’s COVE.

Q: Do I need to book a trip in advance or can I just show up at the start of the tour?
A: To ensure there is space for you and your party aboard, we strongly encourage you to make a reservation in advance. A boarding pass is required for guests to pass through the security gate and to get to the dock. FYI. Your boarding info can be found on your phone. Should you forget your boarding pass & not have your phone, please call:  340-690-2287 for assistance prior to approaching the security gate. We will try to facilitate your entry.

Q: Are gratuities included in the price?
A: Gratuities are not included in the price of the ticket. A suggestion of 15-20% of the ticket price is appreciated.

Q: What time do I need to be on the dock?
A: We suggest that you arrive roughly 30 minutes prior to trip departure time to ensure an on-time departure.

Q: Are lockers available to secure my items?
A: Lockers are not available on-board. We recommend that you only bring what you will need for your trip and secure it amongst your backpack or beach bag.

Q: Is there a bathroom onboard?
A: Yes, there are two marine-style bathrooms on the catamaran.

Q: Do you sell sundries: snacks, sunscreen, etc.?
A: We suggest that you purchase all reef-safe sunscreen, over-the-counter medication, prior to arriving at the dock. There is a commissary store, called “The Marketplace”, located poolside for last minute purchases. Credit card only.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: If you are going on a snorkel tour; you should wear your swimsuit and bring a towel, hat, sunglasses, non-spray, reef-safe sunscreen. For all tours; we suggest you bring cash for gratuities and cash/credit card if interested in purchasing souvenir shirts.

Q: Do you do anything special for birthdays or anniversaries? Interested in a cake?

A: With a week’s notice, we can arrange with our caterer to have a cake dropped directly to the boat. Call the office to discuss options and pricing: 340-690-2287

Q: Will I get sea sick?
A: The VI Cat is roughly a 29' wide, 54' long sailing vessel, so it tends to offer a smoother ride than other boats. However, if you have a tendency to get motion sickness, anti-nausea bands, patch or medication may be helpful. Inquire with your primary health care professional for guidance.

Q: Do you offer prescription face masks?
A: No we do not offer prescription face masks, however you are welcome to bring your own snorkel gear with you. Just be sure to take it off the boat with you as it is hard to reunite gear with guests after the fact.

Q: Is The Cat available for private events?
A: Yes, of course! Please call 340-690-2287 to book your special occasion today! The Cat works very closely with the Marriott's concierge service (St. Thomas Water Sports, LLC.)

Q: Can we use the pool and beach at the Marriott's Frenchman's Cove?
A: The pool is available to the registered Marriott Cove guests only. Beach Chairs are only available to Marriott Cove guests. Use of either the pool or beach chairs may forfeit your participation on The VI Cat.

Q: What time zone is St. Thomas in?
A: St. Thomas is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. AST is an hour ahead of Eastern Standard time during fall and winter months and is the same time as EST during the spring and summer months. St. Thomas does not "fall back" nor "spring ahead" to accommodate daylight saving. Please check to see if your phone automatically updates so you do not miss a tour.

Q: Where should we park at the Marriott’s Frenchman's Cove?
A: 1. Check in with security. 2. Park in the large, flat gravel parking lot after the security booth on the right. 3. Walk down the hill in the road and follow signs that say pool or beach access. 4. Look for the  wooden dock. 5. Wooden dock is located off of the beach, in front of the pool. *NOTE: Do not park in garage spaces or on the road.

Q: What are the TAXI fares to the catamaran?

A: From WICO / Havensight:

  • 1 passenger = $12;
  • 2+ passengers = $9/each person, each way

From Crown Bay:

  • 1 passenger = $15;
  • 2+ passengers = $12/each person, each way.

*Please note these rates are subject to change per VI Taxi Commission Regulations.

Q: Do I have to wear a snorkel vest?
A: Yes. A good mask, snorkel, & fins is one thing, but a snorkel vest is also part of the equipment of a snorkeler. Wearing a snorkel vest is especially important for all snorkelers. Instead of concentrating on the constant movements to stay afloat, your focus can be on the underwater landscapes, turtles and fish. It is particularly important that the vest fits well and is comfortable to wear without being too big or too small. The vest should not restrict movement. The snorkel vest can be inflated by a simple mouth valve.

Q: What if I or a member of my party has limited mobility?
A: Please contact our office at 340-690-2287 to discuss the options are available for each tour. 

Q: Do you have any new tours? 
A: YES! We have are now booking the LED Illuminated Kayak After Dark tour! The exciting kayak tours that depart from the Marriott's Frenchman's Cove beach. They allow you to explore the underwater world at night without going under water. Click on the BOOK NOW button to find out more.  

Marriott Frenchman's Cove Dock 7338 Estate Bakkeroe, Saint Thomas, St Thomas 00801, USVI

The VI cat at MVCI Dock in Saint Thomas USVI
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